After the first programme of The Authentic Fake in Amsterdam, London is the next city to follow! On 14-17 June, another multidisciplinary exhibition from a different crew of artists will take place at Blase House at Hackney Wick. During those 4 days, a series of exciting exploratory events will occupy the space, leading the public into this universe of hyperreality, investigating, discussing, experiencing.

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14 June (Thu) 19:00
Private View

Join us for a drink and to be the first to see the exhibits exploring hyperreality in London, with works created by Gareth Hopkins, Lola de la Mata, Risja Steeghs, Sorin Choi, Peter Barnard & Valentina Stocco. Come meet the artists!

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14-17 June (Thu-Sun) Ongoing
Durational performance “Norma”

“Norma” is an intimate and personal textile durational performance installation by Valentina Stocco, with the image of the young version of Stocco’s grandma – a version of that self that doesn’t exist anymore – taking the center stage. The piece focuses on the concept of simulacrum in connection with images and memories.

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15 June (Fri) 13:00
Workshop: Reimagining the Gendered AI Bot

With the arrival of digital assistants such as Alexa or Cortana in our domestic living environments, new questions arise. How do we relate to these agents whose voices fill our most intimate spaces? Are the conversational interfaces which are packaged as neutral – truly so?

Join us for a 3-hour discussion, where we will go through the history of computational agents, the socio-technological framework from which they have arisen, female representation within computer cultures and hyperemployment, all the while discussing current developments, and trying to challenge the master-slave narrative that is prevalent in much of today’s technological discourse by imagining an alternative future.

This workshop is also part of the Antiuniversity Now Festival and is led by Cristina Cochior & Lola de la Mata.

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15 June (Fri) 20:00
The Vinyl Art Project Live

Vinyl records – sonic exploration – experimentation
The Vinyl Art Project is back! As part of The Authentic Fake programme by YBI exploring all things hyperreality, we are bringing to you a night of vinyl records experimentation exploration. 4 exciting acts await, featuring Joel Cahen, Julian Weaver, Paul Nataraj & Kevin Logan.

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16 June (Sat) 20:00
Live Art Evening

As we are delving into the world of the hyperreal, we are proud to present our signature live art evening, showcasing a line-up of movement, music, poetry & art performance exploring the relations between a reality generated from ideas and repetition of old patterns, and the complex inner lives of individuals.

Ongoing – “Norma” by Valentina Stocco

A 4-day durational performance focuses on the similarities between simulation and simulacrum with images and memories. ‘Norma’ consists of a printed crochet piece which Valentina will be re-working on, performing with to create an echo with the process of remembering, to which the image itself is linked. The gesture presented by the artist request an active participation from the viewer on the act of re-inscription of a memory.

20:00 – “Me in Landscape” by Mirei Yazawa

Mirei will be performing this movement and sound piece involving projection, live recording and live re-projection.


20:30 – “Love #5” by Voo Le Voo (Lily Ashley & Hugo Hamlet)

A poetry and music performance:

‘I am an authentic fake

I have faked my way into living

And eating

And sleeping

And fucking

And working

And succeeding

And failing

And making

And breaking

My persona

My emotions

My friends

My foes

I have faked that you know me

I have faked that you don’t

I am an actor “the world is my stage”‘


21:00 – Untitled by Lola de la Mata (TBC)

Lola’s performance would be based on the artworks and installation she is presenting focusing on the use of the female voice in AI, systemic misogyny.

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17 June (Sun) 20:00
Performance Lectures

The Authentic Fake is themed around hyperreality. We are all curious about this subject that affects everyone of us at this day and age, wouldn’t it be a good idea to hear some thoughts and viewpoints in a lecture format that also fit our times? Collaborating with Hannah Doucet from Shift Lectures, philosopher Pablo Olvera Mateos, designer Heleen Sintobin, artist Mirei Yazawa will be talking about hyperreality related to their professional practices.

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Combined tickets £20

Including Live Art Evening, Performance Lectures and The Vinyl Art Project Live:

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