On 7 June, The Authentic Fake will kick off in Amsterdam at The Corridor Project Space! For 4 days in a row, a diverse interdisciplinary programme will be on offer, exploring the simulation of reality, questioning concepts such as identity, provenance, and originality, as well as the binary distinctions between genders, nature and artificial, factuality and fiction, all through a collaborative approach.

Read more about The Authentic Fake: https://bit.ly/2rc4APu 

7 June (Thu) 19:00

Join us for a drink and to be the first to see the exhibits exploring hyperreality, with works created by Alex Blanco, Tony Martinez, Skye Philips, Raoul Rade, Maarten van der Glas and Vanja Dimitrova. Come meet the artists!

More about the event: https://goo.gl/pvSTZK

8 June (Fri) 18:30
Beer, Food & Art – Artists in Conversation

Meet-ups, brainstorming sessions and long conversations over drinks are a staple of Young Blood Initiative practice; talking over beer and food is the way we connect, think and understand the creative process. In the framework of our current showcase, we are inviting the public and friends to join us at the exhibition space for an open meeting to share the stories and inspiration behind the artworks, understand the artists’ take on hyperreality and how they approach it through their own practice, and listen to the diversity of perspectives and ideas that make up The Authentic Fake.

9 June (Sat) 19:00
Live Art Evening
As we are delving into the world of the hyperreal, we are proud to present our signature live art evening, showcasing a line up of performance, music, improvisation and dance exploring the relation between a reality generated from ideas and repetition of old patterns, and the complex inner lives of individuals. This evening, we will be presenting to you 3 acts performed by Camille Verhaak, James Hewitt, Josué Amador & Tashi Iwaoka.


19:30 – “Variations on a non-existing piece” by Josué Amador

A piece for electric guitar that plays with the relationship between original and copy, wondering about the possibilities and freedom opened up by working with copies that have no model.

20:00 – “Raw Hard Boiled Egg” by Tashi Iwaoka

This performance deals with the desire to be free from a self imposed institutionalisation, the product of layers of knowledge and information that act as an armour, shaping our behaviour and mediating our relationship with the world.

20:30 – “Identity Shift” by Camille Verhaak & James Hewitt

Using a series of masks created by Kristien Sonnevijlle, the performers will explore the possibility of inhabiting multiple identities and choosing moments of transformation within the limitations imposed by outside expectations as well as by the environment.


More about the event: https://goo.gl/ZdrxLv

10 June (Sun) 16:00
Yami-ichi x YBI Art Auction Yami-ichi is an initiative auctioning art works non-monetarily. Founded by Sachiko Osawa in Tokyo, it has successfully presented multiple editions challenging the way we value art, in an art world that is becoming more and more commercial day by day. In our second collaboration, you can bring some of the exhibits or even performances home! This event is for you and the artists to exchange the ways of assessing the value of art more freely. Come and join the unusual event!

More about the event: https://goo.gl/QDmtSN

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