One of the pieces from "You Sound Like a Broken Record" by Paul Stan Nataraj

There is an aura around vinyl records. ‘It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes, look at the pictures. Even the smell of the vinyl’, the founding member of Depeche Mode, Martin Gore said. It is almost an obsession. A few years ago, for many good reasons, The Vinyl Art Project was born. It is not simply a nostalgia, it is about using this memory, sound, feel, touch, look of the LPs and create something new, or maybe, to move forward. For The Authentic Fake, we are excited to be collaborating with The Vinyl Art Project in London, bringing an upbeat sonic exploration to the audience on 15 June with 4 experimental acts. Read more about the event; get the tickets here.

‘A shelf of records is a row of possible worlds’ – Eisenberg

Being interested in the personal stories and resonances attached to the vinyl record, Paul Stan Nataraj has been exploring, through both sculptural and compositional practice, what it is that makes the vinyl record such a special and culturally resonant object. “You Sound Like a Broken Record” is Nataraj’s latest series of works produced through this investigation.

Sound and music researcher Paul Stan Nataraj has invited volunteers to donate a record which was special to them for this work and he recorded an oral history interview documenting their personal stories about the gifted disc. These narratives were then hand etched onto the surface of each disc creating a palimpsest that indelibly connects the owner and object. ‘The idea of death and loss inherent in the record seems to be a constant in the ethnographies I collected, and I have tried to manifest this emotional connection in the sonic pieces that I have composed, bringing together the now fractured disc the story, and so the personal experiences in sound’, Nataraj said.


Paul Stan Nataraj's piece on a Stevie Wonder LP

The sculptural pieces have been shown at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow, and at the Seventh International Symposium on Music / Sonic Art in Germany and has been the centerpiece at his recent solo show at PRISM Contemporary. The sound work has been featured on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, Resonance Extra, Radiophrenia and Berlin Community Radio.

For The Vinyl Art Project Live, Nataraj will be creating a new piece. Would you like to contribute a very personal record, have a recorded interview and make it his 15th piece for “You Sound Like a Broken Record”? Come forward and write us at


This article is written by Candy Choi

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