Who is behind Young Blood Initiative? The A-Z series’ continues with the team member edition, get to know the team working backstage that make things happen.  Jimena Mendizàbal de Moral, our Assistant  Director & art researcher, gives us an insight on what inspires her.

A for… Art! What makes me feel alive and definitely part of what it means to be human.
B for…  Becoming. A key concept in Continental Philosophy that points to the changing nature of things, it contrasts being as a fixed identity with being as movement and evolution. It points to continuous evolution and it captures the zesty nature of life itself.

Chapter 1: Paragraph 8’, Marc Ngui. Illustration of the book “A Thousand Plateaus’ by Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari.

C for…  Creativity & Collaboration. My favourite research subjects which I pursue through my personal practice and in my work with YBI. I consider them the most powerful tools available to humans to endure and thrive in the world, and to change the status quo.
D for…  Deleuze. My favourite philosopher! He challenged hierarchies and the traditions of XX Century thought, turning European philosophy upside down. His writings are challenging but illuminating.
E for…  Ecology. An important subject not only because of climate change but also as a tool to think about society and economy in a different way and have an innovative vision for the future that includes a more holistic view of humans as part of a larger ecosystem.
F for…  Family. Lots and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins, some are not even blood relatives but family is the centre of Latin-American life and incredible important when you are living abroad.
G for…  Guattari. Gilles Deleuze’s long time collaborator and committed communist. Felix Guattari’s writings on revolution and the possibility of changing the world through small, everyday actions changed my way of looking at personal responsibility.
H for…  Hopscotch. The seminal novel by Argentine writer Julio Cortazar. It follows the love story between La Maga and Horacio through a fantastic world of linguistic and conceptual experimentation. The chapters jump from Paris to Buenos Aires, from reality to imagination, attraction and repulsion, and of course the 56 regular chapters and the 99 expendable ones can be read in a straight fashion or in ‘hopscotch’ jumping through numbers.
I for…  Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique. A guardian of classicism and an innovator at the same time. His flawless technique seamlessly blends tradition and experimentation. I am still fascinated by his distortions of shape and space, specially by ‘La Grande Odalisque’ with her ‘extra’ vertebra that elongates her back in an unreal but striking way.

’La Grande Odalisque’, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, 1814

J for… Janis Joplin. The Cosmic Witch and the first woman that mesmerised me with her talents and attitude. Her voice plays my soul like a violin, it shreds my heart to pieces and picks me up in a delirious high. She will always be an icon of female strength and freedom.

K for…  Kafka Tamura. The lead character of Haruki Murakami’s novel ‘Kafka on the Shore’. Sometimes the right book comes at the right time and magic happens. I read this one non-stop, it shook me to the core and my way to see life changed as I turned the pages.
L for…  LeWitt, Sol. I fell in love with Minimalism as soon as I started studying contemporary art. LeWitt questioned established ideas of authorship, originality, art-making and the relation between idea and artwork, privileging intuition over everything else. He is also regarded by some as one of the precursors of Conceptual art.

Sol LeWitt’s instructions for ‘Wall Drawing 104’

M for… Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations. Stoicism is one of the most useful philosophies for life, this book has helped me uncountable times.
“Take away your opinion, and there is taken away the complaint, […]
 Take away the complaint, […] and the hurt is gone (IV. 7)”
N for…  Neuroscience. I have always being fascinated about the workings of the brain. The neurologic systems that allow us to perceive, think, love, decide, plan, etc. are one of the wonders of the universe.
O for… Oliver Sacks. A curios neuroscientist in love with music is a terrific combination. His books explore the borderlands of brain function with entrapping narrative and clear but poetic language.
P for… Petit Prince. I read The Little Prince for the first time when I was 7 years old and I haven’t stoped reading it since.
Q for… Queen. I dare you not to sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody! They were my first music crush and are still my go-to band when I am sad, happy, anxious, excited, or for any mood really.

R for… Resistance. One of my research subjects and a constant in all human relations. The capacity to resist adversity and the grit to find ways forward despite the difficulties of the world might not be what makes us human but it is certainly what gives us dignity and makes us complete.
S for… Sci-fi. I just love science fiction: Ursula K. LeGuin, Alien movies, Arthur C. Clarke, Donnie Darko, Phillip K. Dick, Snowpiercer, Isaac Asimov, Sunshine, Neal Stephenson… I love them all!
T for… Tortillas, tacos, tortas, tamales, tlacoyos, tlayudas… As a Mexican, I consider all corn base foods as tasty gifts from heaven. We usually group these under the label ‘Vitamin T’… not exactly nutritious but certainly delicious.
U for… Universe. I never get tired of learning about the cosmos, every single thing about the physical universe fills me with wonder and it makes me feel happy to be alive.
V for… Vonnegut, Kurt. And so it goes… His book ‘Slaughterhouse V’ blew me away, not only because of its use of science fiction to develop an irreverent anti-war stance but also because of its unique story structure.
W for… Wes Anderson. Nobody mixes comedy and drama as well as he does. His visual and narrative style is so unique that you can recognise his films from a mile away. I could watch his movies all day long… and I have.

X for… Xokoyotl or ‘little sibling’ in Nahuatl, the language of the ancient Aztecs and of more than 1 million people in Mexico. I love the sound of the word, it is sweet and it rolls of the tongue. And I love my little sister with all my heart, she is an artist and my best and oldest friend.
Y for… Y.T. One of the characters of one of my favourite books of all time: Snow Crash. She is brave, strong, smart, cynical, one hell of a skater and on her way to save the world while being just a teenager.
Z for… Zeno of Elea. I still remember my philosophy class about this thinker and hero (he tried to overthrow a tyrant — or several depending on who you ask —  and ultimately paid with his life). He was one of the first occidental philosophers and his paradoxes are still as baffling, entertaining and absurd as they were 2500 years ago.
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