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Do you want your art/ design seen on our posters in Amsterdam, London and Berlin?

For our upcoming show “The Infinite Wheel of Time” in June, we are inviting you to submit your poster designs! The selected poster(s) will appear on flyers and posters in Amsterdam, London and Berlin, as well as on all related social media campaigns.

“The Infinite Wheel of Time”

Think: history recurring, karma, the natural balance of the universe, yin yang, Taoist philosophy, never-ending reality, eternity

In September 2018 the city of Hong Kong was hit by the Typhoon Mangkhu. This cyclone caused many disasters, floods and took away a lot of things but it also brought something back, tons of plastic and styrofoam refuse that covered the coasts and streets with a layer of white pollution that included 20 year old bottles. The natural disaster revealed a manmade disaster. This event talks to us not only about our damaging influence on nature but also about the eternal return of existence. The past came back to us, and the excessive industrial production that was once seen as the gateway to the future returned to remind us that the past is never over and that the future is always the uncertain return of our past intemperance. As one environmental worker put it “The way we treat the sea will pounce back on us eventually”, this might as well be: the way we act and behave, will leap back on us eventually.

The typhoon in HK was a significant picture that visualise the subject.

We are looking for a design that

– includes and is inspired by the title ‘The Infinite Wheel of Time’
– could accommodate concise event information
– is conceptual
– fits into the theme but not too obvious
– expresses the energy of YBI: multidisciplinary, experimental, fun – is to be printed out in A3s as well as A6s What we can offer – your piece to be seen in all 3 European cities – a blog post featuring you and your works in general – entry to all our events this year – drinks on us in the shows

Submission information

Deadline: 5 April
Submit to: Format: pdf

We look forward to seeing all your fabulous designs! For any questions, feel free to write us.


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