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Announcing… YBI x Cultcheers!

Partnering with
Cultcheers in Amsterdam from April, we will be sharing the knowledge and talents of our community of creatives, presenting interesting and surprising topics in cozy locations, and connecting with people to create meaningful experiences. But overall we are looking to surprise you with new ways of bringing creativity and collaboration to many cities in the world in combination with the amazing team at Cultcheers!

One of the keywords at Young Blood Initiative is collaboration. We strongly believe we are at our best when we work with others, specially with a community of people engaged with creativity, art and culture.  That’s why we are very excited to announce our partnership with Cultcheers, an organisation committed to bringing culture into everyday life. Together we want to make culture accessible to a broad range of curious minds looking for knowledge, fun and connection.

From April on, we will be presenting different creative experience to you once a month, expect cosy talks on contemporary art history, finger yoga, and a lot more – stay tuned!

About Cultcheers

Cultcheers is the contraction of the words ‘culture’ and ‘cheers’, meaning ‘enjoying culture in a friendly atmosphere’. This format offers you one hour of culture close to home or directly at your place, on the topic of your choice, over a drink in a small group of people.

With a mission of living culture everyday, everywhere in an inclusive and enjoyable way, Cultcheers is now operating in Amsterdam, Paris, Hong Kong, Mexico and more providing a digital platform to connect curious minds, talents and to create cultural experiences.

Watch this video to find out more about them:

And feel free to check out their website

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