Creatives, philosophers, researchers, scientists, makers in Berlin, London & Amsterdam, come out and play!

For our upcoming exhibition programme “The Infinite Wheel of Time” in June, we are accepting a few proposals of new or existing pieces, research, publications, lectures, and so on to be part of the show. We are particularly looking for creatives who have an interest and passion to be part of a growing experimental platform, creative community and space to play. So it’s not just about showing!

Our focus is on YBI Berlin, but London and Amsterdam-based proposals are welcome.

The brief is available here


Please submit the proposals in pdf by 12 April with these questions in mind:

1. Short description including the title, medium and measurements

2. The main theme(s) you are working with

3. Your main question/ focus point in a couple of sentences. This will set the

parameters of the piece

4. Longer descriptions. A narrative description of the proposed piece and any

media that helps illustrate the conceptual ideas [photos, video/ sound clips,

quotes, sketches, visualisations, mood board, etc.]

5. Material elements and technical requirements

6. How the piece is going to be constructed. If it is anything in 3d, a mock-up at a later stage would be a good idea.

Or are you simply interested in joining the community in the long term?
Then please write

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