Young blood initiatives includes a network of artist and creatives from around the world and our team is also scattered around. But we work together and each year we work on a summer exhibition, 1 theme 3 cities and come together to play. (reword)

 For this summer’s exhibition we will “The Infinite Wheel of Time”   More details see this:


Last year the Authentic Fake was the theme of last year’s programme in June 2018 – series of art events exhibition, performances, lectures and more all focused on concepts and ideas on hyper reality.

Curated by Candy Choi and researched by Assistant Direcor Jimema Mendizábal del Moral, is the art researcher behind The Authentic Fake themes.

What happens when our modes of being, relating to each other, understanding nature, and existing in the world no longer take reality as their referent? By Jimena Mendizábal del Moral

The Authentic Fake looked at the idea of reality and truth, what happens when you bridge the gap between the two and let your senses fuse with your imaginations  and play and experiment with conventional ideas regarding these concepts.

Amsterdam 7th until 10th June – 4 days

The first Authentic Fake started off in Amsterdam, for 4 days YBI took over The corridor Project Space for a hyper real art exhibition, Live Art Evening, performances & an art Auction like no other!

(add prior dates to this event)he dates for the event were:

7-10 June, 2018

7 June – Vernissage

8 June – Artists in Conversation

9 June – Live Art Evening

10 June – Yami-Ichi x YBI Art Auction

The unique aspect of the showcase in Amsterdam was teaming up with Yami-ichi for an Art Auction that challenges the ways we value & capitalise art.  Together YBI x Team Yami-ichi produced an art auction with a twist.

[Insert image]

The Authentic Fake Amsterdam, showcased a diverse array of interdisciplinary programs & artist from various backgrounds. Amongst the artists exhibited where works by Alex Blanco,, Skye Philips, Raoul Rade, and Vanja Dimitrova

Vernissage kicked off the first day of The Authentic Fake, on the 7thJune with a diverse selection of A mix of painting, photography, video and installation by artists that were on display during the whole duration of the Amsterdam events.

 The vernissage was an evening for artists & art lovers to mingle and check out the art works on display and to share ideas and explore different ways of looking at the hyper reality.

Following day, 8th of June The Authentic Fake artists and art lovers alike gathered for an open art discussion, food & Brouwerij ‘t Ij beers and take time to share stories and for artist to talk about the inspirations behind art works and their own take on the hyper real.

The Authentic Fake in Amsterdam also showcased Live Art Evening feat three performance artists (add details) True to the Young Blood Initiative tradition, The Authentic Fake could not happen without its signature Live Art Evening, that took place on the 9th of June and showcased a line-up of artists exploring the world of the hyperreal. The artists line-up includedperformance by Tashi Iwaoka Raw Hard Boiled Egg”, music byJosué Amador Variations on a non-existing piece”,improvisation and dance by Camille Verhaak & James Hewitt “Identity Shift”. Tashi Iwaoka – ‘Virtual Insanity’ was a colourful improvisation in the waterside that brought the audience to their feet and dancing into the sunset.

Josué Amador ‘ Variations on a non-existing piece’ made use of notes and collaboration with the audience to create experimental musical pieces.

James Hewitt & Camille Verhaak – Presented ‘Identity Shift’, an improvisational performance that explored the possibility of inhabiting multiple identities while choosing moments of transformation.

“Virtual Insanity”

Each artist explored Hyper Reality in unique and spectacular ways and the Live Art Evening really emphasised and highlighted the significance of creative collaboration.  



The art auction took place on last day of The Authentic fake in Amsterdam – 10th of June 2018.

Art works available by artists Raoul Rade, Skye Phillips and James Hewitt & Camille Verhaak (mention) were on offer for anything but monetary currency. The winning bidders were able to take away their art works in exchange of skills, services and objects. The outcome of this anti-auction was impressive, artists & art lovers create a sense of community – and also resulted in new creative projects like recordings and documentaries. It’s not just about acquiring a piece of art or putting ones assets on an art piece that has more financial purpose than it has aesthetic appreciation.

 “Founded by Sachiko OsawaCreative Director of Team YAMI-ICHI produces international art event which mimics art auction employing non-monetary currency for transaction.”

London 14 June until 17 June – 4 days 

 Following the art events in Amsterdam, The Authentic Fake touched base in London and this time in collaboration with The Vinyl Art Project, Anti-university Now Festival & Shift Lectures and presented from the 14th to the 17th of June 2018 Exhibition, Workshop, Music, Live Art Evening & Performance Lectures.

For the London edition of The Authentic Fake, Young Blood Initiative team & artists transformed the spaces of Blasé House in London and this time collaborated with The Vinyl Art Project the signature music art soiree as well as exhibiting ongoing art works by artists Valentina Stocca, Lola de la Mata, Gareth Hopkins, Peter Bernard, Risja Steeghs, Sorin Choi; that were on display during the whole during of the London Authentic Fake.

For the first day in London, The Authentic Fake debuted with a private viewing hosted on the 14th of June with the presence of artists and art work exhibited.  Additionally,  there was a special performance by one of the artists Valentina Stocco, threading memories and reworking on ‘Norma’ through the medium of crocheting. ‘Norma’ by artist Valentina Stocco is a printed crochet piece, highlights the process of remembering & re-enactment of senses. As the artist was re-working on her piece, the audience was actively engaging with the art –piece & subject matter but also the artist at work. 

 The Private viewing was also a fantastic opportunity to mingle with the artist present and look at the art works on display. Amongst those exhibited artists were Risja Steeghs, Sorin Choi, Gareth Hopkins, Lola de la Mata, Peter Barnard. (name the art works)

For the following day, 15 June The Authentic Fake offered a Workshop discussing the hyper reality of AIs called Reimagining the Gendered AI Bot led by artist Lola de la Mata & Cristina Cochoir also part of the Antiuniversity Now Festival. The workshop took form of an open discussion with artists and audience – engaging questions regarding the rise of female representation within computer cultures & how AIs such as Alex & Cortana fill our intimate spaces. The workshop also looked at ways commercial aspects of these technology influence the way we interact with these digital assistants, who are for the most part female voices. The discussions led to looking at ways AIs can also facilitate people’s lives if used for medical or care reasons and how this commercial use of AI so far seems to render the imagine of feminine voice – as a patriarchal reinforcement of ideas that ultimately can be more damaging than helpful.


For the evening event, The Authentic Fake especially bought back The Vinyl Art Project Live – for a night of hyper real vinyl experimentation with four exciting acts Joel Cahen…. , Julian Weaver Je taime moi non plus, Paul Nataraj performing on his engraved vinyl & Kevin Logan – unique sounds from Phd sound artists (name art works) 

Fused with the exhibited art works the music added a hyper real depth to the whole exhibition, every day was different experience each day – If you missed this one here a video link below –

True to the Young Blood Initiative tradition, on Saturday 16th The Authentic Fake hosted a Live Art Evening; Showcasing an evening of live poetry, music & performances exploring the relationships between a reality based on mundane everyday life. For the Live Art Evening, artists Mirei Yazawa Mirej performed a movement and sound piece entitled “Me in Landscape” 

(insert image)  The performance was a captivating combination live movement fused with projection & a sound piece together putting together a strong & emotive piece where body movement free-flow and influenced by feelings & surroundings.    

Another set of artists performing were the duet Voo Le Voo composed of Lily Ashley & Hugo Hamlet. Could be nice to throw in somewhere that Hugo is now accepted to be part of Cirque du Soleil! Proud moment The pair soulfully performed “Love #5”  A poetical and enchanting performance of movement and unspoken words, with the theatrical presence of the artists. – Voolevoo performed Love 5 – amorously toy with the everyday reality, conventions and produce the most whimsical performances together. 

Last for not least for the Live Art Evening, artist Lola de la Mata got on stage for a thought provoking performance based on her artworks exhibited.  Investigating the hyper reality of artificial intelligence and their blatant connotations of patriarchal standards and imposed societal ideals.  Lola cleverly highlights key aspects of Artificial Assistances that are more questionable in the way they may assistant its users. An a resonating audio of most popular AI Cortanta,  Lola questions & denounces the misogynistic ideals of women, as well spoken assistance. The presence of the artists, along with the exhibited art work, actively highlight the concern regarding the tendency for commercialised AI such as Alexa & Cortana to use female voices as technological assistant(e)s. 

As the finalé of the Authentic Fake takes place in London, the last day offered a series of Performance Lectures In collaboration with Shift Lectures’  around the theme of hyper reality. The Performance Lectures took place on the 17th of June with artist Hannah Doucet  from Shift Lectures, Lecturer Philosopher Pablo Olvera Mateos, Designer Heleen Sintobin, artist Mirei Yazawa. 

The Authentic Fake themed around hyperreality offered a variety of angles to engage with hyperreality but also learn about the artist’s professional practices and their particular subject of interest. Amongst the performing lecturers Hannah Doucet from Shift Lectures engaged with her audience in ludic & thoughtful manner, enabling an open discussion regarding Hannah’s in relations to the hologram with live assemblies and experimentation. 

philosopher Pablo Olvera Mateos, aesthetic philosophy looking hyperreality and the end of art references to Baudrillard embrace of ambivalence towards objects, the ability aesthetic virtues of art to project us in the hyper really- The performance Lecture held by Pablo looked at key readings such as Baudrillard & Arthur Danto while looking at hyperreality.

Artist Heleen Sintobin is a skilled designer, during the performance lecture Heleen focused on the malleability of objects that she works with as an artisan – and highlighted the juxtaposition between the hyper reality of technology with hand craft and fusing digital & physical making.

Lastly for the Performance Lecture, interdisciplinary artist Mirei Yazawa also talked about hyper reality, focusing on the understanding of how connected we are with other species and challenges our understanding of what we originate from.


Another exciting collaboration with RESONANCE FM that occurred during the London edition of the Authentic Fake – If you missed out, fear not as you can listen to the podcast featuring Curator and the Creative Director behind Young Blood Initiative. (mention artists )

Last but not least from our London edition – The Authentic Fake at radio….


Berlin The Authentic Fake:

After Amsterdam & London; The Authentic Fake arrived in Berlin for a day of an art, music & performance delving into the world of hyperreality yet again!

For the on the 24th of June The Authentic Fake took over Petersburg Art Space – Berlin with unique and diverse artists of different types of mediums.

 Amongst the artists presents were artist Georgia Sheales who exhibited “Chimera”

Insert image

‘The lines of reality for women are very blurred at all times. Between Photoshop, hair removal, beauty standards, makeup, the rejection of non-feminine women – amongst other things – it’s hard for women to understand who they are supposed to be, and how they are supposed to feel and react when they don’t fit into the tight and constantly changing constraints of a “real woman”.’ 

Performance and sound installation by artist Hyui Ines Rmi ” u n ”

Insert image

The piece is intended to be experienced by one person at a time / sign-up sheet will be provided at the start of the event / first come first served.


Wolf Roberto Schimpf: “The Bugs Bunny Performance”  Insert image –  

 Alex Zampini: “INSTANT ENLIGHTENMENT – a pseudodelic perspective on fake gurus” Film – 44’ + panel discussion with the director

Performance by artist Lori Baldwin: “Tick tock the timeline clock”

‘Tick tock the timeline clock (part 1) investigates the learning processes of Artificial Intelligence, particularly regarding human behavior, desire, and value systems. The performer assumes the role of an embodied AI who is in training. She follows a pre-coded algorithm to answer the audience’s questions about life, the future, or anything at all.’


Hami and Mahla: “se(a)cret(d) O” (performance)

“AuthentiCity” – Fake live act for movement induction

(Hami, Hyui, Alex, Gábor)


Artist and YBI creative Gabor performed Hartyáni Gábor: “Fake is real. Ignorance is strength. Freedom is slavery.” (Performance)



It is through a diverse collaboration that The Authentic Fake is more than just an art show; it’s also a place for artists and the audience to explore and experiment in a creative way, without any rules or censorship.


Art rabbit London

Art licks Amsterdam

 Art application


Support // Collaboration & special thank you to:


Brouwerij ‘t Ij



 Resonance FM:






Photographers :

Amsterdam Photographer:


Photographer London: –  Despina Pats


Berlin photographer:




 Venue // Art Space :


Berlin : Petersburg Art Space

London : Blase House

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