On 4-8 July, “The infinite Wheel of Time” will be open for the public across the channel in London. Brexit can’t change that! We will be occupying unit 3 at Queen’s Parade with our exhibition of exciting works alongside a programme of performances and lectures by Dian Jen Lin and Hannes Hulstaert from Post Carbon Lab, Bettina Fung, Colleen Bartley, Gareth Hopkins, Mara Vivas, Matthew Goodsmith, Mirei Yazawa, Valentina Stocco, Paul Stan Nataraj and Peter Barnard; curated by Candy Choi


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4/7 (Thu) 18:00
Private View

Enjoy a preview of the videos, installations, painting and sculpture works of Dian Jen Lin and Hannes Hulstaert from Post Carbon Lab, Gareth Hopkins, Valentina Stocco and Peter Barnard.


6/7 (Sat) 20:00

Live Art Evening

As we are delving into the cyclical movement of time, we are proud to present our signature live art evening, showcasing a line-up of movement, sound art & art performance exploring the eternal return of existence. Get tickets here.


Ongoing – “TBT” by Matthew Goodsmith

Art performance with 2 performers. More info to follow.

19:30 – “Towards All & Nothing (In memory of Li Yuan Chia)” by Bettina Fung

“Towards All & Nothing (In memory of Li Yuan Chia)” is a performance drawing piece, a tribute to the artists Li Yuan Chia, drawing from his life, his concept of all and nothing and the point as the origin and end of creation.

20:30 – “100 Year Calendar” by Mirei Yazawa

“100 years calendar” is a performance with Mirei and another dancer dancing in Bisoku – very slow movement it changes sense of time.

The calendar itself will also be used as a score for body movement. The piece focuses on the awareness of the linear understanding of the time, the awareness of the quality of time in nature of body and the feeling of the existence of time for others.

21:00 – “TBT” by Paul Stan Nataraj

Sound art performance. More details to follow

21:30 – “Time/less: a contemplative study of the nature of time” by Mara Vivas

A dance piece with 2 dance artists, inviting the audience to consider how we experience time. If the duration remains the same, what is it that changes our perception of the moment? Why does it sometimes flash by, and others crawl? As we witness the dance, can we consider time.

7/7 (Sun) 20:00


“The Infinite Wheel of Time” was inspired by the moment a strong typhoon in Hong Kong washing plastic bottles from 70s upshore. When we look at the eternal return of existence, right now in 2019, we cannot escape the perspective on our precious environment. In this special edition, we will bring art, design and environment together with lectures by Post Carbon Lab on their installation “Find the Liquid”, Rickie Cheuk on his project “PlastiX” with a plastic tea ceremony, menu and recipes, and more. Stay tuned!

The Infinite Wheel of Time – London

4-8 July 2019
Queen’s Parade
Unit 3, Queen’s Parade, Walm Lane, Willesden Green, NW2 5HT
Open 14:00-20:00 Daily

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