Together with EG-1 Project Space, Young Blood Initiative will be hosting ‘Be Water’, an art event in solidarity with Hong Kong. All raised funds will go to 612 Humanitarian Fund, a fund for the medical and legal fees for the protesters in the current ongoing Hong Kong protest.

The event will largely, but not exclusively, showcase works by Hong Kong artists. The works are curated in the subject matter of protest, democracy, political violence as well as works inspired by and in response to the Hong Kong protest. Together with raising funds, this event will entwine live art with conversations, providing information on the situation to raise awareness and create a space to share thoughts and experiences.

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Doors for the event open at 15:00, when the exhibition, installations, Lennon wall, mini-art market and information wall are available to visitors. From 16:00, performances, discussions and talks will take place in 2 parts. Please see the complete programme for detailed time schedule and descriptions for each performance.

A programme of predominantly theatre and spoken words performances, as well as pieces in movement, sound art and interactive performance installations by a line-up of artists most of whom worked at The National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Court, Edinburgh Fringe, graduated from the Royal College of Music, The Place and Central St. Martin College of Art and Design. With pleasure we are joined by Theatre Director Kim Pearce who also co-directs the East Asian theatre company Papergang.

“The Colour Revolution” – a series of 4 wall-hung installation addressing a few key incidents during the social movement of Hong Kong – by WESSIELING  – will be on exhibit. Colour has become a synonym for political standpoint in the protest. It has codified what (not) to wear in the battlefield of freedom and democracy.  This work has exemplified the operation of coloured T-shirts in the fight for justice at ground zero.

A trained cultural historian, WESSIELING studied fine art at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design. Her work concerns the asetheticisation of the everyday through the lens of fashion. Her practice uses text and installation to create work that addresses the cultural property of fashion. Inquiring into which are the (in)tangible assets of fashion, consumption, globalisation, (post)colonialism, cultural hybridity and authenticity.

Tell us your stories, hopes and dream. So then we can build the senbazuru of ours. 


Artists duo Ghost & John will present “Thousand Papers 千紙”, an installation originating from the Japanese origami art of crane folding and senbazuru building. Visitors are invited to write them a story, have the story folded into a crane and build it into a senbazuru of our collective hopes and dreams.

Talks and discussions on the current situation in Hong Kong. 3 individuals who participated in the movement will share their stories; those who had first hand experience in the protests are invited to share their experiences as well. 

Exhibiting artists:


A small area will set up at the space where illustrations and art pieces donated by artists could be sold to raise funds. The works for sale are themed around the development in Hong Kong. The next day after the event is finished, an ebay shop will launch. Auctions will open for a few exquisitely created pieces, works not yet sold in the event and those crafted by Hong Kong-based artists who could not join the London event physically.


Visitors are invited to freely express their thoughts on the movement on the Lennon Wall with the post-its provided. And information corner will be set up to provide truthful information as reference.


15:00 Doors open

Ghost & John’s performance installation, WESSIELING’s exhibits, mini-art market, Lennon Wall available for visitors.

16:00-16:30 Performances Part I

Daniel York-Loh “Big White Cop”
Spoken words
A performance about the British police superintendent Rupert Dover

Angela Hui ”Ritual I :: Commitment :: BiiM”
Sound and light performance Isabella Leung
Spoken words

A piece addressing the Hong Kong police – despite there being so much negativity around them

17:00-18:15 Talks & conversations on the Hong Kong movement

18:15-19:30 Dinner break

19:30-20:30 Performances Part II

Max C. Percy “A Date with Xi”

The Chief Exec of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, is running late for a soirée with the leader of the communist party. Will her uber make it through the teargas in time? A cabaret satire that blends traditional Cantonese Opera with contemporary drag.

Neil Chang-Clark “Divided”
Theatre performance

Divided is a short duologue that can be performed by one or two actors. It presents an argument between characters representing Hong Kong and Mainland China that begins as a conversation about the protests, only for tensions to inevitably rise, spiralling into a visceral, hard-hitting, emotionally-grounded exploration of the deep-seated historical, socioeconomic and cultural reasons behind the massive division between Chinese in Hong Kong and the Mainland. 

The piece seeks to provide background and context for the protests that usually goes unmentioned in Western media, while also providing representation for Mainland Chinese sentiment regarding the protests and Hong Kong in general, a perspective which often goes entirely unmentioned or simply glossed over as the ramblings of ‘brainwashed Party drones’ in mainstream media.

Daniel York-Loh “Blue Ribbon”
Spoken words

A piece about the pro-PRC social media commentators

Shum Pui Ying “was…(被…)”

“I trampled the flower. I was trampled. 


I hit on the beanbag. I was hit.


I … and I was …

我 … 然後 我被…”

– Interval –

Angela Hui

Daniel York-Loh “The Girl & The Boy”
Spoken words

A performance inspired by the picture of the young couple in masks holding each other in an MTR station in Hong Kong

Gabby Wong Finale to “Eternal Peace”
Interactive performance

This interactive spoken word performance looks at the role of digital communication in spread and reinforcing resistance and community in protest. To experience the performance, the audience is asked to join a Whatsapp group that links them to the artist in a remote location. Durational throughout the day, with finale to the piece that lasts 10 minutes long.


Ghost & John
Daniel York-Loh
Shum Pui Ying
Isabella Leung
Angela Hui
Max C. Percy
Neil Chang-Clark
Simon Coates
Kim Pearce
Pandora Lee
Que Chan
Carly Cheng
Wai Wong
Paul Stan Nataraj
Candy Choi
Bettina Fung
Laila Ho
Jim Lister
Gabby Wong

Curated by Candy Choi & Bettina Fung on behalf of Young Blood Initiative and EG-1 Project Space

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