[IN]sane: Altered States of Mind

Amsterdam, London

Participating artists:

Bettina Fung, Lola de la Mata, Riccardo Matlakas, Peter Barnard, Gareth Hopkins, Mirei Yazawa, Thelma Sharma, Lily Ashley, Gabor Hartyani, Anastasia Kostner, Alex Blanco, Raoul Rade, Camille Verhaak, James Hewitt, Bera Romairone, Victoria Soto Madrid, Stefano Sgarbi
A project by Young Blood Initiative, curated by Candy Choi, Jimena Mendizábal del Moral.

A programme of exhibition, performances, symposium, workshops and an art auction.

[IN]sane explored factors that alters the reality. We touched on subjects namely absurdity, chance, psychedelia, dream, madness, shamanism and mysticism. 

In Decoding Sensations we explored the notion of reality through the tools readily available for us: perception and consciousness. However reality is not exhausted in what we can perceive and think. There is a wider landscape that escapes our senses and consciousness but that still shapes our experiences of the self and the world. That is why for our second showcase – [IN]sane – we took it one step further and explored a different set of tools that might allow us to expand our sensorial and intellectual boundaries.

Photo by Despina Pats & Jozef Gyant
Young Blood Initiative, 2019, All Rights Reserved