“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

― Pablo Picasso

Established in Amsterdam in 2014, Young Blood Initiative aims to showcase collaborative practice, creating a community where artists can explore other ways to create, acting as a platform where they can experiment to go outside of their usual practice and to play.

Currently YBI has bases in Amsterdam, London and Berlin, with about 60 creatives in the network.

Candy Choi Founder & Creative Director

Jimena Mendizábal del Moral Assistant Director

Gabor Hartyani Berlin Director

Our Art Projects and Showcases

Since launched in 2014, Young Blood Initiative has brought to the public 8 showcases themed around current affairs, fusing different creative disciplines namely sound art, movement, textile, paintings, sculptures, photography, spoken words, installations, olfactory art and art performances. The showcases take the form of an art exhibition, a live art evening, a symposium and some interventions varied from theme to theme. On a number of occasions, we took interventions to the street bringing art to the public as well as to the home of people with disability.

Our Mission

Young Blood Initiative’s mission is to provide the initiative and platform for artists to revive the creativity and spirit of their own inner child while at the same time creating a global artistic network where artists are bond, where they are inspired by and work with each other and grow. In the hope that through creating a space, artists can preserve that innocence of a child and play, experiment. Young Blood Initiative values the creative process over the outcome. What matters are the experimentation, research, discussions and explorations that lead to the destination rather than the destination itself. Beginning in Europe, with some connections already in place in different parts of the world, Young Blood Initiative could be spotted operating in many other cities in the years to come.

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