Envisioning the futures

London, Amsterdam, online

Participating artists:
Mirei Yazawa, Peter Barnard, Gareth Hopkins, Ghost & John, Bettina Fung, Ranaji Deb, Colleen Bartley, Mara Vivas, Catherine Harrington, Pablo Olveras Mateo, Victoria Soto Madrid, Vanja Dimitrova, James Hewitt, Marianthi Michailidou

A project by Young Blood Initiative with the support of Fitzrovia Noir Making Space, curated by Candy Choi and Jimena Mendizábal del Moral, the posters were created with the art of Gareth Hopkins.

An on and offline public programme with art residencies, exhibitions, workshops, performances and talks.

Please click to read more of the agenda, press releaseour starting point, Gareth Hopkins's Imagined Utopia papercraft templates and the resources folder

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U(Dys)topia(s): envisioning the futures is a public art programme exploring the concepts of Utopia and Dystopia in order to ask questions about the present and think about potential futures with the London part beginning on 2 Sept till 25 Sept at Fitzrovia Noir Making Space - 48 Aberfeldy Street, London. Check the gallery opening hours here

Exhibitions, workshops, talks, discussions, performances. Online, offline, London and Amsterdam!

The Concept

Along with the wave of unrest, pandemic, social instability come the two popular choices of words to describe our world now and the future we envision - dystopian and utopian. However, there lies a fine line between the two. As our world is more divided than ever, to envision a better future, perhaps there requires more than labels that categorise people with different political leanings. With U(Dys)topia(s), let’s understand, explore and imagine.

Don't the many models for Utopia tell us that a single Utopia is impossible? Is my utopia the same as yours? Can we imagine an alternative to the single all-encompassing Utopia and still retains the hopeful and positive thought that things can get better? Is there a way to aim for a better future for everyone that doesn’t involve erasing differences? How can we handle
disagreements and dissensus while sharing the same space?

The project explores the concepts of Utopia and Dystopia in order to ask questions about the present and think about potential futures. The project researches ideas and questions about what is possible, the value of thinking and rehearsing different futures, the risks and advantages of thinking in utopian and dystopian terms, the role of radical imagination in shaping future events and what this means in the present. The research will be presented through artworks, live presentations, public programmes and open studios taking place both off and online.

U(Dys)topia(s) is a public programme of visual and live art, talks, workshops and open studios. During the duration of the project, the audience will have a view not only of the artworks that resulted from the months long research, but of the creative process of the artists, showing the different approaches and understandings behind their artistic practices.

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